What Our Clients Say

For nearly two decades Southwind has contributed to my health and well-being. Top-notch bodyworkers operate as a collective and generate a uniquely beautiful and welcoming environment. I am so thankful for their knowledge and care.
— Cheryl L.
The strong and caring professional women of Southwind Health Collective have been taking care of us for many years. They have become our dear friends and we highly recommend all the services they offer.
— Byron & Ann M.
Southwind has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The practitioners are skilled and knowledgeable. My weekly massage and occasional acupuncture treatments make it possible for me to walk without pain.
— Kat G.
Southwind is full of amazing professionals who have a deep understanding of wholistic health. I’ve always received the highest quality services and couldn’t be more satisfied. My favorite birthday and Christmas present is a Southwind Gift Certificate.
— Deborah A.
What makes Southwind special to me:
* the caring people-so knowledgeable about the body as a whole.
* the wonderful services-where would I be without therapeutic massage and acupuncture?!
* the calm, serene atmosphere.
No matter how bad my body feels or how stressed I am, when I walk through the door, I leave a lighter person. Thank you for taking care of me for over 30 years.
— Paula M.
Carla’s acupuncture sessions have really made a huge difference in my health and overall wellbeing. I’ve been seeing her for a year and a half on a regular basis and can’t imagine how I managed before then. Carla is efficient, knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to me and assess what is the best course of action. She explains what she is doing and advises on other actions that might be helpful and complementary to the acupuncture. When I first started with her, some of the focus was on my high blood pressure. I no longer am on blood pressure medication so the focus is on other areas but Carla’s acupuncture sessions are a staple part of my overall health regimen!
— Annie M.
I have struggled with lipomas for 20 years. I had two surgeries to remove two lipomas and was not looking forward to a third surgery. It was one of those meant to be conversations that led me to Casey Emmerich. She shared all the benefits of the therapy. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy kept me from having a third surgery, but has also has been extremely helpful with my sinus’s and body inflammation. I have struggled with chronic sinus issues and body inflammation my entire life due to multiple surgeries. I had no idea how beneficial the therapy would be for my sinuses and body inflammation. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy has improved my overall health.
— Jackie V.
I felt great after my Thai Yoga Massage with Lana! My lower back and left hip haven’t felt this limber in years! I was walking with a new spring in my step!
— Paul M.
Lana is fantastic! I have been seeing her for several years now  and her warm and caring demeanor are only two of her great therapeutic qualities. She really takes the time to know and understand where my problem areas might be, of which I have several reoccurring ones. I can trust that she will work those areas and even find others I didn’t realize needed work!  I always come out of a session feeling relaxed, refreshed and glowing. And when I  feel like I need a different ‘twist’ to my regular massage, she offers a Thai massage, which is both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. It helps put an extra spring back into my step!
— Annie M.
Jamie’s skilled, intelligent touch has been vital in my recovery from a partial spinal cord injury. It’s not just a matter of ‘feeling better’ after our sessions. Her careful attention to the state of deep tissues in my neck and arms actually enlarges my own body awareness. In other words, her intelligent touch makes me more body-intelligent. The quality of attention that Jamie brings to each session is unfailingly fresh and inquiring — never just ‘going through the motions.’ As a physical therapist of 38 years, I recognize in her a precious combination of heart, skill, and professionalism. So grateful...
— Doug H.